For Sale LOTR Trilogy Extended Edition DVD Box Set

Discussion in 'Buy/Sell' started by Scotian Lotion, Nov 25, 2011.

  1. Scotian Lotion Active Member

    I bought the Blu Ray so I don't need the DVD set. How does $10 sound?

    It's that massive 12 DVD box set, where each movie is in it's own case that looks like an old school novel. Complete with reference guides, special features and other crap I only looked at now so I could write this.
    It's this shit:

    It's all mint. $10.
  2. paulster Active Member

    You're still here? Thought you were "gonzo"!
  3. Scotian Lotion Active Member

    Soon enough. I'll be lingering around until March.
  4. Scotian Lotion Active Member

    Does no one want this fucking box set? Or is it that no body is on this fucking forum?

    I'll give it away for Free, fuck it. I just don't want my wife to go in the DVD drawer and see 2 sets of the same thing.

    Though I'm kind of pissed I bought the Blu Ray. I didn't do my homework and I thought, because it was on BR, each movie would be on 1 single disc, but it's the same as the DVD... still split across 2 discs. WTF.
  5. Jay Member

    I already own the set...
  6. Richard Member

    I have them all as avi's in my media center. The thought of having to look for a dvd and load it up makes me squirm.
  7. paulster Active Member

    I already have the DVD version.

    I also have the Blu Ray version, and it's not split on 2 discs. One disc is the movie - the other is special features.
  8. Scotian Lotion Active Member

    Are you sure? Do you have the BR EXTENDED version or the theatrical version?
    Because the extended version has a separate BR labelled Special Features.

    I haven't watched them yet, but I will confirm what's on the disc labelled Disc 2. I'm pretty sure it's the second half of each film. The Extended Blu Ray has even more shit than the original Extended DVD.
  9. paulster Active Member

    I have the extended versions, and the entire movie is on one disc.
  10. Scotian Lotion Active Member

    I must have a shit version then, because the entire Trilogy is a 15 disc set.

    Part One (BR) for each movie
    Part Two (BR) for each movie... (6 BR's in all just for movie content)
    6 Part 'Appendices' Discs (6 DVDs)
    3 Behind The Scenes (3 DVDs); 1 for each movie.

    For example, Return of the King has 78 Chapters.
    1-36 are on the Part One Blu Ray... 37-78 are on the Part Two Blu Ray


    Read the top rated comment.
  11. paulster Active Member

    Maybe I have the theatrical then - but it took the wife and I 3 nights to watch Fellowship, and it had all the extra stuff in it like when they get the elf coats and shit like that. I also watched RotK when I was hungover one day, and it took 4 hours.

    I'll check it when I get home.
  12. Annie Member

    Hey, is this sold yet? Let me know if you're still trying to get rid of it.
  13. Scotian Lotion Active Member


    It's fucking free. If you want it, it's yours.
  14. Annie Member

    Sweet. I'll message you.

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