Spirit Model 36' Plan 4

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    Post here if this is your home. Pics and info/questions, upgrades etc.
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    Mattamy plan 4

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    Im at the Mattamy sales center right now, here's the 5 brick selections we have to choose for Elevation F.

    Stone, then bricks in order, SS1, SS2, etc

    brick 001.jpg brick 002.jpg brick 003.jpg brick 005.jpg brick 006.jpg brick 007.jpg brick 008.jpg brick 009.jpg brick 010.jpg brick 011.jpg

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    Also I was told there that your choice of brick isnt determined by the order that you bought the home, but rather the production schedule. ie the homes built before yours get priority of brick selection.
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    Just did our Design center choices. Heres some prices of stuff that wasnt in the book for anyone interested.

    Rail picket in lieu of kneewall $1,206
    Upgraded fireplace mantel $156
    Glass shower enclosure $3,099
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    Thanks for posting the price of the kneewall, we were wondering how much that was. Did you happen to find out how much the larger basement windows are?
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    No she didn't even mention that to us ... Forgot about that one
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    Do you think its not an option? I know of others who have paid for the bigger windows...
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    I know, we heard of it as well. Not sure for our model. Im suprised she didnt mention it. I definitely wanted to hear the price, I have no idea for a ballpark so we didnt even budget for it.
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    Heres the prices for the marble bulnose trim for the bath oasis, also no price at the design center until todays meeting...

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    Forgot to mention. If you got 9' ceilings on the 1st floor, they throw in the taller 8' doors for free. (door to garage cant be taller, so they throw in the faux transom)
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    I went to my appointment two weeks ago and was told that the 8' door in the powder room is standard with 9' ceilings, large basement windows are standard with all of the houses and all homes will come with a soaker tub where bathrooms were not upgraded to super shower or bigger ensuite.
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    Thanks for the info!
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    Im trying to figure out how much hardwood to buy for all the bedrooms, hall, great room and dining room. Ive estimated at needing 1200 sq feet to be safe. Anyone get a more accurate measurement? Im using the mattamy pdf file from their website...
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    just heard back from my design consultant. These are approximate as she didnt have exact measurements, so we're adding 10% to these room sizes. Plus she forgot to give me the hall size.

    GR - 210; Dining - 165

    Master- 192; Bed 2 - 120; Bed 3 -100; Bed 4 - 196

    Also got some other measurements...

    Countertop is approximately 38 square ft; backsplash approx 26 square ft

    Basement windows in your model are larger - 24" tall x 30" wide
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    Heres what removing the kneewall looks like (with the 4th bedroom wall as the other side) interiorimages023.jpg interiorimages025.jpg
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